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Bounden And Fun With Strangers

Scientists and journalists share a single very importing and wholly defining quality: curiosity. (It’s okay; I have degrees in both fields, so I can say that.) The former want to know how the world works and the latter want to know, well, pretty much everything. It feels like a hair-thin divide that decides where these […]

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Hitman Go Review: Sliding Scale

Hitman Go appears to be the answer to the question of what happens when you through Agent 47 into a pot and let him boil. All of the marketable stuff like explosions and gunfights start to evaporate and simmer off into the air. It reduces down further and further until you’re left with this strange […]

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Monument Valley Review: New Perspective

Mobile games are chockfull of potential in spite of and due to their platform’s limitations. When they hunker down and focus on one or two key aspects, they have a chance to find what their peak forms can take. Ridiculous Fishing, for instance, excelled at giving the player tangible, progressive upgrades free from frustration or […]

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A Flappy Quandary

There are a lot of mysteries out the in world to be solved. For instance, what comes after death? Are toast and bread really two different things? Do ghosts exist? (But seriously, that toast thing.) Many of them have been lumped into a large pile under tarp labeled “Unsolvable.” A few others go into the […]

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At A Loss For Verbs

Adventure games are notorious for a number of reasons. Chief among them is probably the fact that they did used to actually end up being pixel-hunting debacles, and no one wants to sit and click 800 x 600 pixels just to figure out where to kick in a wall. It was a dark time and […]

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