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Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n Review — Mr. Fixit

Narrative-driven, choice-propelled games are unfortunate in that they live and die by a single, amorphous metric: does it work? This is generally summed up by it feeling either momentous or consequential, either feeling like it’s telling some immense, grandiose tale or you have a seriously impactful hand in the dealing of the cards. Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltratiOn, […]

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Pokémon Go — One Week In

Pokémon Go is big. No, correction: Pokémon Go is huge. And save for some privacy concerns and a very Stand by Me-esque discovery, it’s all been extraordinarily positive. Take a look around you the next time you’re out and about and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It hasn’t just swept up the kids and […]

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You Should Probably Play Miitomo

Miitomo, Nintendo’s first mobile app, came out last Thursday. This means that we’ve had a full-on weekend to mess around with it and play with a digital dumpster of Miis. And after these four or so days, I can say that I still have no idea what the point of Miitomo is. That, however, isn’t […]

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