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You Should Probably Play Devil Daggers

Very obviously, Devil Daggers is a big deal. If you search for it on YouTube, you’ll find a deluge of best run videos and proclamations of it being the hardest game ever. The latter bit may be pure YouTuber hyperbole as they are want to do, but there is a reason why it’s getting so […]

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Light Fall — Hands-on At PAX South 2016

In all honesty, I don’t know much about Light Fall, the debut game from Bishop Games, but now I don’t think I’ll be able to stop thinking about it. Granted, this puts me a year behind the pack despite the name coming up in passing, but getting both my hands and eyes on the game […]

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Moving Hazard — Hands-on At PAX South 2016

You’re tired of fighting zombies. And who’s going to blame you? After years and years and years having the act of bashing them in the head bashed into your own head, fatigue is only natural. How, then, do you make them interesting again? The folks over at Psyop Games seems to have a pretty good […]

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The Year In Review: #7 Her Story

Some magic tricks are more luck and skill. One particular mentalism effect has someone pick a number—any number—between one and 100. But it has to be a two-digit number. And they both have to be odd. And they have to be different from one another. Was it 37? Statistically speaking, most spectators in that situation […]

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Broforce Review — Broback Mountain

It’s not that uncommon when a game is exactly what you think it would be, but it is rather rare when that’s a good thing. With a game called Broforce, know what to look forward to in terms of tone—excessive, absurdist lust for explosive bravado—but how that informs the final product with regards to gameplay […]

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