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Alien: Isolation Dated

Alien: Isolation has finally been given a worldwide launch date. The game will be releasing on October 7, 2014. If you aren’t familiar with Alien: Isolation, you surely must know what ‘Alien’ is. Alien has had some hit and miss games under the property over the last several years. ¬†Aliens: Colonial Marines launched last year […]

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The Meaning Of The Word

The Titanfall beta is over now, but I hope you had some time to play it while it was available. It’s quite good and spending considerable and dedicated time with the game helps isolate its real potential (and its potential problems). For the most part, I think it deserves the hype that it has gotten […]

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Titanfall Beta Impressions

I used to be good at Titanfall. Namely on two occasions: 1) at E3 when seemingly no one else knew you could summon Titans, and 2) last week before the twitched-trained hordes gained beta access. Since then, I’ve been getting trounced. Not terribly, but enough to make me remember why I tend to avoid fast-paced […]

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The Sun At Night Review: Dog Pile

The Sun at Night asks a lot of you. It asks that you buy into its alternate history plot, one that takes an oddly flavored turn with the apparently pliable truth. It asks that you often fight against systems you can’t possibly fight against. And it asks that you dig through a lot—a lot—of words […]

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