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Broken Age Act 1 Review: For Yourself

Tim Schafer’s games have a tendency to put universal questions through a childlike filter. He poses setups that we’ve wondered and tucked away. What does it look like inside my head? What if Halloween costumes were more than costumes? What would a world inhabited by nothing but matryoshka dolls be like? But they’ve always been […]

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Expressions And Aliens

Here’s an obvious, imprecise statement: I like video games that let me do things. It’s obvious because I’m saying I like video games for doing what they excel at, which is doing things since they are an interactive medium. It’s imprecise because it’s both “do” and “things” cover an incredibly wide and diverse swath of […]

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The Year in Review: #1 Gone Home

Gone Home is a beautiful game for many amazing, complex reasons. For all the things it does right, it needs to be praised for the things it doesn’t do. Its blend of an unrelenting drive, pushing you through walls and barriers like a bulldozer, and measured, deliberate restraint stands head and shoulders above its forest […]

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The Year In Review: #3 Papers, Please

Denied. Denied. Approved. Denied. What the fuck is this bootleg identification? Hella denied. Denied. Denied. Approved. Papers, Please. All day. Every day. Denial and approval, rejection and acceptance. The implications of my actions are massive. I am one of the vigilant gatekeepers to the homeland, told that what I do keeps my fellow countrymen safe. […]

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