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Looking Forward to 2017 — Xbox One

Comparing this to the PlayStation 4 list, this does look a bit anemic, but that’s only superficial. The games on here are predicted to be straight up bangers. That whole quality over quantity thing? It’s this list right here. (Also, due to the nature of Microsoft being Microsoft, these are all coming out for PC, […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016 — Xbox One

The year for Xbox One owners was a strong one, though also somewhat odd. But in a good way. It was a lot of sequels from some powerhouse franchises, but there were also a few brand spanking new gems in there. So whether you’re looking for something new or something new-old, this has got you […]

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Dead Rising 4 Review — Holidaze

It’s interesting to see a franchise set itself up with another entry held so firmly in a holiday theme like Dead Rising 4. What’s less interesting is the game itself. The gameplay of the series has grown stagnant in the decade since the original’s release, which then already relied on schtick and gimmicks over substance. […]

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ReCore And Knowing It’s Over

ReCore can be a lot of fun. Notice: can be. There’s a lot to infer from that statement. There are plenty of parts of the game that are stupendous from both a design and an execution standpoint, some of which is almost stunningly impressive. But then, almost seemingly to spite itself, the game makes it […]

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