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High(er) Fidelity

<massgeneralization> When the word “fidelity” is laid bare, it has a strange connotation. When you speak of fidelity, it almost always refers to the singular concept of a love, whether a marriage or fresh relationship, and the marred face of it when a physical connection breaks the emotional one. It’s no wonder we hold it […]

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Shovel Knight Review – Digging It

It’s not quite right calling Shovel Knight throwback, though it certainly borrows a lot from the games of yore. Instead, it successfully cherry-picks the bits that you like to remember, cutting the fat of the parts you’d rather forget, and injecting it with a few modern concepts. The resulting mishmash is something that aesthetically fits […]

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Mario Golf: World Tour Review: Teed Up

It’s so strange that a franchise, after ten years of radio silence, would still have so much history to fall back on. Stranger yet is that it’s still so relevant. Mario Golf: World Tour mixes up a lot of what you recall from both its handheld and console brethren, but it also tries a few […]

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