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PlayStation VR Review — A Tepid Future

The PlayStation VR has been out now for a week, trying to settle into that fine purchasable sweet spot for consumers that has minimal setup, reasonable prices, and a great lineup. As far as those objectives are concerned, consider them accomplished. Compared to the money you’d spend building a top-shelf PC in addition to purchasing […]

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Mafia III Review — The Creedance

Mafia III tells on hell of a story. Even in the overall beats, it tries to do more than you’d expect with an execution and nuance that are among the best you’ll see this year. Much of it is bolstered by performances of a quality you would be surprised to see even in films, let […]

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You Should Probably Watch Westworld

Questions are easy. If you show a closed box, anyone’s natural inclination is to wonder what’s inside of it. The problem is taking that wonder and turning it into a need, a primal necessity that you find out the answer. And then, once you rip the lid off and claw through to the contents, to […]

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