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Get Out Review — Get Onboard

Get Out is a rare, beautiful, frightening film. It has depth beyond depth. Where many other movies would have been satisfied even having two layers while being perfectly effective in its genre, writer and director Jordan Peele wanted to go further, and it went to a place I just can’t stop thinking about. On its […]

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Ultimate Beastmaster Is An Ultimate Mess

If there’s one thing Sylvester Stallone has a grip on, it’s bravado. Or, really, the bravado has a grip on him that has not let go since his early career as an action star. And that shows on Ultimate Beastmaster, the first competition reality show to premiere on Netflix. Created by Dave Broome and hosted […]

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You Should Probably Play Night In The Woods

Night in the Woods made me believe in love at first sight. The highly stylized adventure game opens up with something akin to Firewatch‘s own Choose Your Own Adventure-style block of text, but it does so in a far more…sardonic fashion. The very first line gripped me with its elegant, perfect efficiency. “In the year […]

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For Honor Review — Clash ‘Em Up

For Honor would have you believe two contrasting things at once. The first, presented primarily by Ubisoft itself, is that it is a game of nonstop, unrelenting action. The second is that it is a heretofore unheard of and completely novel combat experience. They are both true, and in equal measures, that is for the […]

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