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A Monster Calls Review — Howling

There’s something to be said for complexity. It can hew closer to strident than you would like, but it is also what gives a movie depth. You get to chew through the layers, really savor each revelation as it reveals itself. And that’s where A Monster Calls succeeds. It throws a lot at the wall, […]

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La La Land Review — Ooo La La

Food. Air. Probably shelter. These are what you and almost everyone else consider the basic needs of human survival. To writer/director Damien Chazelle, however, there’s only one thing on that list: passion. His entire oeuvre has been pointed toward this single point of discussion, and La La Land, both along with and in spite of […]

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Rogue One Review — Miss Chief

There is a sentence—barely a line, really—in A New Hope. “Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon.” In that, Rogue One was conceived, giving the legendary franchise its first chance at fulfilling the ultimate and most beautiful promise of its mere existence. There’s a whole universe of stories out there. […]

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White Rabbit Project Review — In The Hole

You love the MythBusters. Even if you never saw a single episode, chances are there’s a black little rock inside you that simply hasn’t been cracked yet, but once you do, it’ll reveal a core of affection singularly aimed at Discovery Channel classic. It was an unlikely but perfect blend of science, chaos, personality, and […]

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