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White Rabbit Project Review — In The Hole

You love the MythBusters. Even if you never saw a single episode, chances are there’s a black little rock inside you that simply hasn’t been cracked yet, but once you do, it’ll reveal a core of affection singularly aimed at Discovery Channel classic. It was an unlikely but perfect blend of science, chaos, personality, and […]

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Dead Rising 4 Review — Holidaze

It’s interesting to see a franchise set itself up with another entry held so firmly in a holiday theme like Dead Rising 4. What’s less interesting is the game itself. The gameplay of the series has grown stagnant in the decade since the original’s release, which then already relied on schtick and gimmicks over substance. […]

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Final Fantasy XV Review — From Point A

The value of a trip is in the journey, not the destination. That is an age-old adage—bastardized, admittedly, from Ralph Waldo Emerson—that is eerily appropriate for Final Fantasy XV. One of its greatest strengths is its road trip conceit, throwing you into a jarring but loving shiny black convertible with three of your best buddies […]

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