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The Martian Review — Stargazing

The most remarkable thing about The Martian isn’t that it’s an original and entirely compelling film about human will but that it simply exists. Barely a decade or two ago, the idea of a movie that is smart and funny in this celestial way would have put off most of the moviegoing nation. And that […]

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Black Mass Review — Ritualistic Making

Despite its true and wholly gripping roots, it’s disappointing that Black Mass never goes beyond being pretty good into being pretty great. So much of what goes into the film is fantastic (or at least has the potential to be fantastic), but then so much of it only stands up as what feels like a […]

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Super Mario Maker Review — Creation And Discovery

Super Mario Maker gives you everything just so you can break everything, and it’s fantastic. It’s a strange sensation taking so many things familiar—endeared—to you and creating entire levels of blasphemy, but it’s fun and yet still faithful to the legendary franchise. It’s accessible and engrossing and pretty damn great. If you couldn’t tell by […]

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