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Indiecade At E3 2014

While actually attending E3 is quite the trip, leaving it is almost equally exhilarating. I don’t just mean finally departing LAX, leaving the city of millions of broken dreams in your jet engine’s wake, but finding any sort of solace amidst the endless din is both comforting and exciting. Whether it be in a parking […]

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The Talos Principle – Hands-On At E3 2014

This is perhaps the first game I’ve encountered where there was someone that could even potentially hold the title of lead philosophy designer. Of course, many games evoke philosophical quandaries. Braid, for instance, harbors a twist that begs the question of what defines a hero, whether perspective matters. But The Talos Principle from Croteam centers […]

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The Evil Within – Hands-On At E3 2014

The half hour I spent with Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within felt eerily familiar. While the debut title from Mikami’s new studio Tango Gameworks, the game itself borrows a lot from his past directorial efforts. Most notably, unsurprisingly, is now classic Resident Evil 4. There is, however, enough to make this a new experience, and […]

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Titan Souls – Hands-On At E3 2014

Given my record with the game in the past 30 or so minutes, I should have known better, but I ask anyways. “How long do you think I’ll last?” The developers’ eyes flit around, the three of them resisting a wry smile or two. Design lead Mark Foster speaks up. “Three seconds.” Hmm, three seconds, […]

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