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You Should Probably Play Owlboy

Owlboy almost certainly has no right being as good as it is. It’s a bun that’s been in the oven since 2007 (people were anxious by 2013) and came out just a week ago. Work on something that long and it either comes out a Duke Nukem Forever or it just fades away into Internet […]

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Titanfall 2 Review — Giant Of The Field

Titanfall 2 feels inevitable in many ways. It is, after all, the sequel to one of the better games of 2014, and that only invites followers and imitators. But more importantly is its lineage, coming from the historically excised founders of Infinity Ward, the original developers to first fully nail the modern sensation of first-person […]

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Battlefield 1 Review — Proven Grounds

Fucked. That’s pretty much the only way you can describe World War I. It was, by all counts, a seemingly endless nightmare. Technology had progressed to where we could, in the roughest sense, accomplish many former flights of fancy and what-if scenarios. It hadn’t, however, gotten so far that we could do it safely or, […]

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