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Watch Along: Sony at E3 2014

While you can go out and watch Sony’s press event at 40–50 select movie theaters across the US and Canada, you can also sit back and relax in the safety and cool AC’d environment of your own living room. More than that, you can make snarky comments all you want without worrying if anyone else […]

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Watch Along: Ubisoft at E3 2014

You know what we can always expect from the Ubisoft press event? That it’s marginally weird. There’s an odd blend of natural and reconciled unity between English and French language, design, and aesthetics and it nearly always results in a mishmash of, uh, weird things. Oh, and games. And by that I mean franchises. Franchises […]

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Transistor Review: Functional Programming

When I finished playing Transistor, I immediately started it up again, much like it did with Supergiant’s other game, Bastion. It is a sleek, beautiful, and satisfying experience with touches that just ooze the studio’s signature (as much as a signature as you can have after one product) embellishments. But more than that, it’s the […]

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Review: Blast Away

I was right. Wolfenstein: The New Order is an incredibly confusing combination of what the series used to be—a stilted Nazi shooter—and what it aspires to be. But I was so incredibly wrong as well; this confounding mishmash works. Not only that, but it works extremely well. With nuanced and intriguing narrative impetus, Wolfenstein: The […]

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