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Black Mirror: Season 3 Review — Playtest

The fundaments of “Playtest” is pretty much ideal. The director is Dan Trachtenberg, the same guy behind this year’s fantastic 10 Cloverfield Lane. He manages to channel the same claustrophobic sensory hype of the movie but skews closer to traditional horror. Trachtenberg makes sure to skip easily between the calm of our world and this […]

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Black Mirror: Season 3 Review — Nosedive

If you haven’t talked to a youth lately, then most of this episode is probably foreign to you. Here’s the gist, though: the dark, choppy waters of social media has become a terrifying landscape of anxiety, platitudes, and empty reciprocation. If you don’t like someone’s Instagram post, you’re sending a message. If you @ someone, […]

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PlayStation VR Review — A Tepid Future

The PlayStation VR has been out now for a week, trying to settle into that fine purchasable sweet spot for consumers that has minimal setup, reasonable prices, and a great lineup. As far as those objectives are concerned, consider them accomplished. Compared to the money you’d spend building a top-shelf PC in addition to purchasing […]

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