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Stranger Things Review — Better Things

Stranger Things is about spirit. It exudes it while capturing one that has long since left the Hollywood and television pantheon. There is not one part of this show that feels superfluous or generic, failing to serve the greater and grander purpose of instilling a feeling within the viewer. In short, Stranger Things is a […]

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Furi Review — What A (Boss) Rush

Nearly every second of my time with Furi was filled with rage, frustration, cursing, and just general malice intent to any living being within arm’s reach. And I can’t wait to go back for more. Furi is an unbelievable mix of precise and demanding melee combat with even more precise and even more demanding bullet […]

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Swiss Army Man Review — All You Need

Despite being about an eroticized, flatulent corpse, Swiss Army Man is one of the most relatable films you’ll ever see. Not only because, well, who can’t relate to having a crush on Mary Elizabeth Winstead but also because it uses this wholly insane premise to explore the most fundamental concept: what it means to be […]

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