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Final Fantasy XV Review — From Point A

The value of a trip is in the journey, not the destination. That is an age-old adage—bastardized, admittedly, from Ralph Waldo Emerson—that is eerily appropriate for Final Fantasy XV. One of its greatest strengths is its road trip conceit, throwing you into a jarring but loving shiny black convertible with three of your best buddies […]

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Moana Review — Making Waves

Disney isn’t ever focused on doing anything earth-shatteringly new. Instead, this is an animation studio aiming towards, perhaps more than anything, on nailing the fundamentals. That’s where Moana lies, their latest CG project about a Māori demigod teaming up with a “princess” to fulfill one or more destinies. But despite being predictable at times—even bordering […]

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Watch Dogs 2 Review — Dogged Jolly

Watch Dogs 2 is what the first Watch Dogs should have been, and that’s both a compliment and a putdown. It improves in many ways including a story that’s at least moderately engaging, personable and memorable characters, and a far greater commitment to the hacking crux of the franchise. But it really only gets us […]

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