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Some Thoughts On Rise Of The Antichrist #3

Last week saw the release of the third issue of Rise of the Antichrist, a new comic series we’ve covered here before. Written by Betvin Géant, it tells the story of a man named Michael whose Christianity-flavored psychosis is proving far more real than he would like as Satan goes from faith-based concept to unwelcome […]

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Ant-Man Review – Astoundingly Adequate

While it does nothing particularly wrong, Ant-Man also seems to be totally devoid of ambition. It has a fine sheen to it and even occasionally rises to or above what its worrisome production would otherwise preclude, but it is by far the least remarkable Marvel film thus far. You shouldn’t shy away from seeing it, […]

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Jurassic World Review: Dinoscore

While the movie features a “highly intelligent animal,” the film itself is lacking in the smarts. Jurassic World is an above average summer blockbuster but all its posturing about having something to say and having more layers than its mid-June release would suggest fail to follow through. It is, however, still quite worth watching. Jurassic […]

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