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You Should Probably Play Severed

DrinkBox Studios is quietly one of the best, most consistent independent studios out there. They landed on the scene in 2011 with Tales from Space: About a Blob, which was an almost inexplicably, impossibly charming and fun new IP from a brand new developer. Most importantly, though, it set the tone for the rest of […]

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Midnight Special Review — Six To Midnight

In the most classic sense of the word, Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special is a romantic and sensational slice of mystery and drama presented as a traditional sci-fi film. Bolstered by a nearly overwhelming number of terrific performances and a presiding, engrossing vision of intrigue and possibilities, this is by all counts a very special movie. […]

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Quantum Break Review — In And Out Of Time

Nothing Remedy Entertainment does really makes sense. That, in the their 20-year history, has remained constant. Luckily, the other thing they’ve kept up with is turning their absurd ideas into surprising and endearing successes. Max Payne was hardboiled noir, Alan Wake was vaguely gothic but rural horror, and now Quantum Break. Here’s why it shouldn’t […]

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