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Lazer Team Review — Low Beams

Somewhere along the way in Lazer Team, the ragtag group of hapless heroes is described as “competent incompetence.” This, unfortunately, is also the most apt description for the film itself. Rooster Teeth has certainly learned how to shape a functional mechanism of cinema, but there’s little to no merit in the laughless, groaning result. That probably […]

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The X-Files — A Glove-Like Fit

Good news, everyone! Time travel does exist! If you don’t believe me, look around and try to refute that we’re back in the 90s. A Jurassic Park film crushed box offices last year, Twin Peaks is back in production, a new Star Wars just came out, and now we have a new season of The […]

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Dirty Grandpa Review — Senior Moments

Given the choice, you should elect to relocate to a piping red hot iron maiden for the rest of your life while repeatedly watching the Entourage movie rather than see Dirty Grandpa. In terms of production, it is perfectly sufficient, which is more than some movies can say. But it is narratively trite, remarkably unfunny, and confusingly offensive. […]

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