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Shovel Knight Review – Digging It

It’s not quite right calling Shovel Knight throwback, though it certainly borrows a lot from the games of yore. Instead, it successfully cherry-picks the bits that you like to remember, cutting the fat of the parts you’d rather forget, and injecting it with a few modern concepts. The resulting mishmash is something that aesthetically fits […]

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Transistor Review: Functional Programming

When I finished playing Transistor, I immediately started it up again, much like it did with Supergiant’s other game, Bastion. It is a sleek, beautiful, and satisfying experience with touches that just ooze the studio’s signature (as much as a signature as you can have after one product) embellishments. But more than that, it’s the […]

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Review: Blast Away

I was right. Wolfenstein: The New Order is an incredibly confusing combination of what the series used to be—a stilted Nazi shooter—and what it aspires to be. But I was so incredibly wrong as well; this confounding mishmash works. Not only that, but it works extremely well. With nuanced and intriguing narrative impetus, Wolfenstein: The […]

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