We have a slew of hosts and writers not only all over the USA but several outside the US as well. If you would like to set something up with us please contact Steve, our Owner/Community Manager at [email protected]. We would love to talk to you about interviews, contests/giveaways or even attending any of your gaming events. If your looking to get some coverage just contact Steve and he will be happy to either set you up with the best show for your coverage or even setup Platform Nation wide coverage.

Disclaimer: While all of the shows on Platform Nation are great shows and some of the most popular video game podcasts in iTunes, their views and show content does not necessary reflect the views of our writers, editors and other podcasts on Platform Nation. Over at Platform Nation, we do not censor any shows, we do not tell them what to talk about, we are not in charge of them. All of the shows have their own sites and communities, they do their own shows as they feel best fits them and their listeners, all of the shows are a part of our community but ARE NOT our own shows. At Platform Nation we strive for a very diverse community and if you listen to all of the Platform Nation shows, you will see that we connect with everyone and we will always strive to reach out to every gamer.

These shows are all part of Platform Nation community:
The Gamer’s Pub – (promo)
We believe in good friends. Good beer. And great video games. It’s that simple, so we hope you continue to listen and become a regular here at the pub.

The Fanboys – (promo)
It gets no more high concept than this: A trio of nerds escape the office, go to lunch, and talk dirty about their various geekdoms (primarily video games) over a chorus of annoying ambient noise.

Video Game Jocks – (promo) (promo 2) (promo 3)
News, opinions and witty insight into the world of video games brought to you by the incomparable, and may we say devilishly handsome, Video Game Jocks.

Critical Strike – (promo)
Critical Strike is formed by Josh, Kyle and Billy who fortnightly get together and basically talk about video games or celebrate one of our favorite things, video game music.

For Your FYI – (promo)
Pete is a fat American. James is a witty New Zealander with one of them funny accents. Listen to them dissect the world of games, gadgets, atheism and sex pests. Worth a listen for the closing song alone.

The Rumble Pack – (promo)
The Rumble pack is comprised of five college buddies who love to play video games – Nick, Justin, Tony, Kaz and Tom. Our podcast has seen many shifts in format and personnel over the past few years, but our goal has remained consistent since the beginning: to provide analysis of industry trends and software across all platforms, with a healthy dose of irreverent and frequently scatological humor. This podcast is a celebration of the social aspects of gaming. We were smash brothers long before we became the Pack, and we continue to game with each other on a regular basis.

Double K.O.
Double K.O. – (promo)
Two New Zealanders talk about Video Games, love and life on a small island. They curse, they blaspheme, and they provide incisive comment on the world around them, but mostly just Video Games.


If you have a show or know a show that should be a part of Platform Nation community, feel free to contact Paul, our Podcast Manager at [email protected]