Steven Artlip
Owner/Community Manager
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Howdy, I’m Steve, also known as Steve519 all over the interwebs.  I started up this site you see here and with the help of all of the members here we have grown from a very little site that was getting a hundred or so views a day into this, something that I’m very proud of.  I’m a 30 year old gamer, born and raised in Seattle, WA.  I spent 5 amazing years in the Marine Corps and now I’m married, have a daughter and work fulltime at a job that I can’t talk about really.  I really play all types of games, including a  couple on Facebook, but a few of my favorite games include: Halo Combat Evolved, Mass Effect (series), Fallout (series) and Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Scott diMonda
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Hello, I’m Scott and you may know me as WCC5723 around the web.  I started with Platform Nation as a writer and have grown with this awesome site thanks to the great staff and awesome community. I am a 43 year old gamer that may never grow up and I currently reside in Hudson NY with my wife and two teenage sons.  I like to think that Platform Nation as my full-time gig as I have a little extra time on my hands as I am a retired New York State Correction Officer.  I am into all types of games from going old school and hooking up the NES to playing the newest installment of Call of Duty.

Adam Jagger

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Hello. My name is Adam and I have been writing for Platform Nation since 2009. Platform Nation is a fantastic site and since I joined, the sense of community has been overwhelming. When it comes to gaming, I would call myself a little bit of an achievement addict, with 145k Gamerscore and counting, if you don’t find me under my Gamertag, I’ll be posting on Platform Nation or updating my Twitter. I absolutely love RPG’s, MMORPG’s, FPS’s and Racing Games. Actually, I’ll just play anything as long as it has achievements!