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Awesomenauts Gets Awesome In May

You might remember Awesomenauts from last year’s E3 where it garnered some fairly positive reactions. If you don’t, that’s all right, I guess, but it kind of makes you less awesome…naut! Don’t worry, punishments are ongoing. Awesomenauts is a game from Ronimo Games, developers of 2009’s Swords & Soldiers and de Blob for PC (back […]

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Game Protagonists: Silent, Garish, Morally Ambiguous, And Sometimes Golden

What makes a compelling game protagonist?  What doesn’t seem to work? I want to make one thing clear.  In my opinion, video game protagonists cannot really be compared with protagonists from literature or film (hence the “game” above) for two main reasons: 1.  As the player of this character, you have a different relationship with […]

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