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Ace Attorney: A Video Game Movie That Works

Sitting outside of the fancy uptown Magnolia Theater, eating my gelato and sweating out the Texas nighttime heat with people wearing tucked pastel shirts and judging my lack of a one-hundred-thousand dollar sports car, a woman comes up to me. A friendly woman, for sure, she begins to talk with me. She tells me that […]

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Game Of Thrones Trailer Shows Off Combat Mechanics And Classes

Fans of George R.R. Martin’s ridicoulsly epic A Song of Ice and Fire¬†books and HBO’s adaptation, rejoice! Actual, tangible gameplay footage is surfacing of developer Atlus’ upcoming RPG based in the world of the books and TV show. They’ve announced you will be able to play as two characters in the game: Mors Westford (a […]

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A Look At The Upcoming Ace Attorney Live Action Film

New content of the Japanese live action film of Capcom’s Ace Attorney series has now been revealed. The first official production screenshot is now available to see, and trailer footage can be seen in a Japanese TV variety show. Directed by the controversial Takashi Miike, Gyakuten Saiban (Japanese title of Ace Attorney) will follow the […]

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