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A Simple Question (With Recap): Netflix Price Change

Twitter exploded a few times yesterday with some pretty big news events: Microsoft’s World Partner Conference, EA acquiring PopCap Games and Netflix changing their pricing structure.  I’ll focus this week on the last item.  I’ve always been in the relative minority that Netflix was pretty heavily underpriced for what they offer.  I’m all for a […]

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A Simple Question: Hackers

Things have quieted down a bit lately, but it wasn’t that long ago that groups like Anonymous and LulzSec (among many others) were grabbing headlines for the big corporate and government site takedowns and personal information acquisition.  While the media blasts the group as being reckless and dangerous, there has been an almost resigned acceptance […]

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A Simple Question: Gaming News Sources

Information travels pretty fast now-a-days.  Gone is the need to rely solely on monthly periodicals, weekly newsletters, or even daily updates.  With the prevalence of 24 hour news sites and social media, getting the latest scoop on your favorite game is as simple as bringing up your favorite website (Like, for instance, Platform Nation), or […]

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