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Nintendo, EA, Sony Pull SOPA Support

I honestly don’t see how even the notion of passing SOPA is still around. It seems to be that when something is technology-related and Google thinks it’s a bad idea, you should listen. I’m not saying Google should be the grand arbiter in every facet of your everyday life, but SOPA and PIPA have been […]

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Halo Legends Review (Blu-Ray)

Movie Review: Halo Legends Release: 02/16/2010 Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure Available Formats: DVD, Blu-Ray™ Hi-Def, On Demand Digital Download Website: Halo Legends is the new anime project by Microsoft’s 343 Industries that allows several Japanese animation houses to put their visual spin on the Halo universe. This has certainly brought us some seriously interesting visuals […]

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Achievements For Halo Wars

**NOTE**  This will contain spoilers for the hardcore Halo fan out there. Halo Wars is the up coming real time strategy video game set in the Halo Universe.  Halo Wars is a Xbox 360 exclusive and was developed by Ensemble Studios and has a North American Release date of March 3, 2009. Listed below are […]

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