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Amalgams And Whatnot

There’s a trailer for an upcoming game that everyone’s been talking about. (I know. What a shock!) It’s an eight-minute walkthrough for Monolith Productions’ Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor wherein the protagonist—a ranger by the name of Talion—shows off his Wraith-like abilities by peering into the nether, controlling simple minds, and racking up a body count […]

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Not Really Exploring Gotham

The latest Batman: Arkham game came out last Friday to rather tepid reviews, although I say that only given the fact that Asylum and City both racked up a ridiculous amount of year-end awards and Batman: Arkham Origins appears to be poised only to get Most “Eh, It Was All Right” of the Year. I’m […]

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The Atomic Unit Of Games

Listening to a recent Idle Thumbs episode (the one with The Fullbright Company’s Steve Gaynor), a reader asked a question that prompted an interesting notion from Chris Remo: atomic units. In the context of the response from Remo, he was saying that Tetris is basically a fundamental concept in video games and called it “atomic,” […]

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Prepare To Speculate Over 15 New Batman ‘Arkham’ Domains

This takes a little bit of logic, but I think we’ll all arrive at the same place once the facts are on the table. First off, DNStination is the privacy service that MarkMonitor, a brand protection and domain management agency, uses to register domain names. MarkMonitor is who Warner Bros. uses for its own website […]

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