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Persona 4 To Make The Vita Golden

Persona 4‘s a very popular game, if you haven’t heard. Spinning out of the title is Persona 4: The Animation and Persona 4 Arena, an anime and fighting game, respectively. Having been released in 2008 means the game’s a little outdated, but it’s popularity has remained. If you have a PlayStation Vita, though, you’re in […]

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Game Protagonists: Silent, Garish, Morally Ambiguous, And Sometimes Golden

What makes a compelling game protagonist?  What doesn’t seem to work? I want to make one thing clear.  In my opinion, video game protagonists cannot really be compared with protagonists from literature or film (hence the “game” above) for two main reasons: 1.  As the player of this character, you have a different relationship with […]

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Trine 2 Makes Its Way Onto The Europeon PSN Store With An Amazing Sale

The original side-scrolling Trine took the Indie PC gaming world by storm with its inventive gameplay and absolutely gorgeous 2D graphics. Trine 2 was already released late last year on PC, Steam, XBLA, and PSN in North America and we’re glad to relay the great news that it is currently available for Europe on PSN […]

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