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BBC Interested In Retail Games

The BBC is known across the world with shows like Dr Who, Top Gear, Torchwood and Luther entertaining audiences everywhere. Recently the BBC have started to branch out and lend their licenses to some games. We have already seen a collection of downloadable games based on one of their most popular franchises Dr Who and […]

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E3 2011: Save Mankind From Catastrophe In Early 2012

Collapse: Devastated World takes place in 2096 Europe. 83 years after a mysterious catastrophe took place. Monsters and strange paranormal activities can be expected as elite military troops roll into the cities to try and eliminate the destroyed world. You will journey through the post-apocalyptic world and encounter long-range combat, and thrilling melee battles inside […]

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Phoenix Wright Movie To Be Directed By Takashi Miike?

Objection! …Or not. According to an interview in the Huffington Post with controversial Japanese film director/actor Takashi Miike, the filmmakers next project is an adaptation of a popular DS court title. “It is a very light comedy that I am filming now, a light court drama, based on a video game, the Nintendo game DS.” […]

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