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The Last Of Us Review

I’ve been punched twice in my life and both were directly in the gut. If you’ve never been in a fight, you should know that they are intense. Your hands are shaking from a briny cocktail of adrenaline and nerves and your vision narrows as it blurs out everything but the guy in front of […]

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Wasteland Angel Review (PC)

Game Review: Wasteland Angel Release: September 1st, 2011 Genre:  Action/Shooter Developer: Octane Game Available Platforms: PC Players: 1 MSRP: $9.99 ESRB Rating: N/A Website: The world has been destroyed by nuclear apocalypse. The human population is decimated, and society has been destroyed. Now lawless bandits roam around killing and enslaving anyone who is still aliv…..*zzzz […]

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Apple Sues Amazon Over App Store ID

It seems with every passing day there are new lawsuits and/or counter-suits between one multinational company and another.  We have had LG vs. Sony, Sony vs. Apple, Microsoft vs. Apple, and Microsoft vs. Google. The list is endless. Most of these lawsuits have little or no impact on actual consumers and will ultimately result in […]

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