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Stir: The BanHammer

THE BANHAMMER What is a Ban Hammer?  The Urban Dictionary defines it like this: Banhammers are fearsome weapons wielded by the Admins, a race of genetically enhanced people who have been created to serve and to protect online communities from the evil that fills the internet. The Banhammers are mighty weapons, and must be used […]

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Valve Offers Left 4 Dead 2 In Apology

For the past couple of weeks, Valve has been erroneously banning many PC Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players. This was done by Valve’s automated cheat-detection system, and unsurprisingly, people were rather upset. To be exact, twelve-thousand of them were rather upset. However, Valve has corrected the issue, unbanned those that didn’t deserve the […]

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