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The Darkest Of Knights

His parents died. We get it. But Batman is not a complex character. Or at least in his latest video game iteration in the Arkham series. He’s got a lot of weight to carry around—which in part explains his exemplary physique—and that makes him appropriately dark and stormy like a Poe piece. Unlike many other […]

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Proof In The Arkham Pudding

Franchises tend to follow a somewhat depressing arc. Be it movies or video games or books, they have a habit of going through three distinct phases (especially if it’s a trilogy). The first, if it’s worth sparking a series at all, is usually full of surprise and life. It’s like a low-key discovery of fire, […]

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The Obvious Gotham

Television pilots are terrible. They’re rarely indicative of the future of the show. Either through drastic shifts in showrunners, celebrity guest director, or hard swings in characterizations, the ensuing series often pivots in some not insignificant way. For instance, the first episode of New Girl was terrible and the show turned out to be quite […]

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