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Retake Mass Effect 3 Campaign Reaches $70K

  At the start of the month the much-anticipated Mass Effect 3 hit the stores worldwide. Not long after people went online in droves to voice their complaints¬†about the ending(s) In case you are still playing I won’t go into details about the endings or the various complaints that have been raised so feel free […]

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New Screenshots And Trailer For The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Game

As of late, Sherlock Holmes has invaded the movie theaters, television with the BBC show, and now Frogwares is set to release a Sherlock Holmes adventure game onto Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. The formula first found in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books are ripe with concepts that work perfect within the array of […]

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BBC Interested In Retail Games

The BBC is known across the world with shows like Dr Who, Top Gear, Torchwood and Luther entertaining audiences everywhere. Recently the BBC have started to branch out and lend their licenses to some games. We have already seen a collection of downloadable games based on one of their most popular franchises Dr Who and […]

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