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Sneak Peek At Upcoming Atlas & P-Body Figures

I’ve always thought Valve’s games would make some really awesome-looking figurines. And yet, despite my immense love for Team Fortress 2, there is no way in hell I’d pay near $400 for one of Gaming Head’s interpretations of the zany classes from the online FPS. They’re beautiful and artfully detailed, but, I mean, c’mon. Now Valve has […]

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New Diablo III Cinematic

As Diablo III slowly marches toward our PCs, Blizzard has released a trailer showing demons slowly marching to destroy the world. This beautiful cinematic shows what your Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard, or Witch Doctor is going to be up against when the game is finally released. Man is that thing ugly! The cinematic also […]

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Screenshots Show The Amazing Art Of Mirror’s Edge

When Mirror’s Edge came out in 2008, it was received to mixed reviews: some people absolutely loved the free-running game and its unique first person perspective, and others didn’t mesh well with it. But almost everyone agreed that DICE didn’t quite get it right. However, there is no doubt that Mirror’s Edge was a very unique game. One thing […]

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