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XBLRadio ver 70.5 – “E3, E3, E3, E… & How to “Get Rich Playing Games” Interview”

All hosts on the show this week, which include:

Topics Include:
Too Human Demo! Go Play it NOW!
2008 E3 Media & Business Summit!
All this and …
As a separate show is XBLRadio’s Interview with Scott Steinberg of Embassy Multimedia Consultants, Digital Trends, Players Only, and author of many books (see below).  Scott sits down to talk to […]

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“Wii” are number 1!

by Erik “Z thirteen07″ Johnsen

The NPD numbers for June are showing a strong continuing surge for the Nintendo Wii. Approximately 11M Wiis have been sold in the United States in the first 20 months of the console’s lifespan. This makes the Nintendo Wii the number 1 U.S. home console.
In a release from Nintendo, Cammie Dunaway, […]

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