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Listen To The Rhythm Of Halo

Sure, Halo has one of the most iconic soundtracks you’ll ever find, video games or otherwise. Longtime Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell established a percussion-centric aural landscape that soon came to define the series and, for some, first-person space shooters. They were undulating, driving beats that were layered on top of ethereal orchestral tracks, morphing seamlessly […]

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More Than Equals

Let’s just get this out of the way: XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a good game. Nay, a great game. It has a very fluid but high-contrast sort of rhythm to the way it unfolds in front of you. The way you move from the battlefield to your base and back again with time spent rebuilding […]

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Rage #1 Review (Comic)

Title:  Rage #1 Publisher:  Dark Horse Writer:  Arvid Nelson Pencils:  Andrea Mutti Inks:  Pierluigi Baldassini Colors:  Michael Atiyeh Letters:  Michael Heisler Cover:  Glenn Fabry Release Date:  June 2011 Cover Price:  $3.50 USD This is part one of a planned three part miniseries based on the upcoming game Rage (in stores 10/4/2011 for the XBOX 360, […]

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