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Nailing The Fundamentals Of Halo 4

Every once in a while, a development studio will stumble across a hit. Not just one that hits certain sales numbers or is simply critically well-received, but rather they will somehow wring out from nothing a game that is socially impactful. Elements of the game will permeate gamer culture, infusing the zeitgeist with its own […]

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Review (PSN)

Way back in 1998, the thing that stuck out to me about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was that it was often touted as the “new CPS III game,” with CP System III being at the time the latest arcade board for head-to-head fighting games from Capcom. This, of course, was mostly meaningless to an 11-year-old in […]

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Lost Planet 3 Coming In 2013

Following the reveal of new trailers for games like Resident Evil 6 and the reboot of Devil May Cry, Capcom announced a sequel to 2010’s moderately successful Lost Planet 2. The sequel, smartly titled Lost Planet 3, was also unveiled with a planned release schedule sometime next year. Not much else was released along with […]

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