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A Lament For The Lost

Video games are moving towards their natural habitat. That is, they are becoming increasingly digital. They are, of course, already digital in the sense that all they really are is compiled code, bits of zeros and ones stamped onto a disc that exist to be read out and interpreted by a machine for your pleasure. […]

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Nintendo’s Highway Robbery

Why does it seem that with all of the overall support people give to Nintendo, they don’t give much of it back?  Case in point, I just bought one of the new black Wii bundles, and while it comes with Wii Sports Resort thrown in for the same price is nice, the fact that Nintendo […]

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Activision and Self-Mutilation

Electronic Arts received plenty of stick for its underhanded practices, poor working conditions and lack of innovation. Let’s rewind to 2007, when Activision had effectively wrestled away the “Third-Party Crown,” toppling its rival for the first time in more than a decade as the top independent video game publisher. 2007 was really the turning point […]

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