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Hands-On With Dark Souls II

I was way behind. The day started with a 12:00 PM appointment, the same time as when the doors open on the first day of E3. The unwashed masses descend upon the South and West halls and inexplicably form orderly queues despite the rampant disorganization that soon follows the opening bell. This is how E3 […]

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FyFYI Episode 135: Tea Induced Rage

  This week Giant Bomb sells out and neither of us really care but we kinda do,  James breaks down and gets Mass Effect 3, Pete bores James stiff about asynchronous multiplayer heaven on the Vita, Phil Harrison brings his focus on casual games to Microsoft, Pete absolutely rages about Sony Corporate, and then James […]

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Ubisoft E3 Line-Up

We are getting closer to the big day, the day E3 opens and we get to see what is heading our way in the coming months and year. Ubisoft has given us a brief look into what their line-up is set to be. Ubisoft will not only be unveiling their diverse line-up but they will […]

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Stir: PC Gaming

My first experiences with PC gaming were with text based games.  If the text based Star Trek was not the first then it was Zork or Bedlam on the Tandy CoCo.  Back in those days (1980-ish), many times games would be published for free in gaming magazines.  Literally – the source code (usually in some […]

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