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Daily Double: THQ Grabs Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune Licenses

When game show fans last saw video game versions of Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, both were on the PlayStation 3 as downloadable games via the PlayStation Network. The games were unremarkable at the very least, if not disappointing, as both were lacking features and functionalities that were expected in those kinds of games. Neither […]

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TMG-132 Uncasual

Drunktoberfest continues! All this month we celebrate our favorite podcast, Drunken Gamers Radio with special segments. In addition we review Gourmania from Alaware Entertainment for the iPhone and iTouch. We also discuss if casual games are hurting traditional gaming and talk about our day gaming for Extra Life. All this plus […]

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E3 Predictions

It’s that time of year again and E3 is upon us. Leading up to the event, it never fails that the information the companies think will blow people away always gets leaked ahead of time. This year we have already heard rumors spreading about Sony announcing the PSP Go. I’m sure this was going to […]

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XBL Radio Ver 81.5- “A little late, but it still counts”



Note: We apologize for being late with the release of this show, but due to two holidays slamming together (New Years and Christmas) at the same time, things got hectic. Even though we are a little late, it still counts, you are getting the podcast either way. Enjoy the Show!
Topics Include:
Apparently Video Games are not […]

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