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The Puzzle Of Mystery

Mystery is, unsurprisingly, very mysterious. How it works is largely an unknown. What we want from it and what we like about it are both such largely ambiguous, impossible-to-define things that largely get relegated to something akin to “that feeling” (or dat feeling if you want to be contemporary about it). The unfortunate thing, though, […]

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Pritect Sensor Cover For Kinect Review

Have you ever contemplated the thought that there just might be someone on the other side of the all seeing eye of your Kinect that now has a view into your household whenever your Xbox is online? To give you piece of mind, Catalyst Components has created the Pritect Sensor Cover for the Xbox 360 and Windows Kinect to help protect your hardware […]

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Medal Of Honor Limited Edition Includes Access to Battlefield 3 Beta

For fans of access to beta versions of games, keep reading.  EA have confirmed that those who purchase the limited edition of Medal of Honor will also recieve an invitation to the beta** of Battlefield 3. The following press release also gives details of what else we can expect to find in the limited edition […]

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