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A Look At Street Fighter X Tekken’s Character Customization

After teases and rumor pictures, Capcom finally announced alternate costumes for characters in Street Fighter X Tekken as well as a detailed customization system. Referred to as ‘Swap Costumes,’ all the characters in Street Fighter X Tekken now have an alternate outfit for them to wear. Unlike Street Fighter IV where alternates can be based […]

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The Fight Over DLC In Fighting Games

Downloadable content in fighting games has historically been a superfluous service, generally restricted to cosmetic changes like additional character costumes or colors.  That’s why, when Arc System Works announced they were going to release meaningful DLC to increase the lifespan of their latest fighter (BlazBlue: Continuum Shift), I was pretty excited.  However, not all is […]

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PlayStation Store Update

Downloadable Games
Heavy Weapon ($9.99)
Mount an assault on the enemy like never before with Heavy Weapon and the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system! Launch your mission as an atomic tank to collect power-ups from friends and engage the enemy! Choose Mission or Survival modes to blast your way through 19 exciting stages or see how long […]

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