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Anonymous: Heroes Or Menaces?

As PlayStation Network users continue to lament the loss of their online access, opinions over what the internet believes may be Anonymous’ doing have been sharply divided, as has been clear from the comments on my previous article on the subject. It’s not clear whether Anonymous, or rogue hackers somehow affiliated with Anonymous, is responsible […]

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California’s Violent Video Game Law Under Review By Supreme Court

A case against California’s ban of selling violent video games to minors is currently in the process of being disputed in court. The argument against the law is on behalf of free speech. People argue that the law is “too restrictive” and that the ESRB should suffice in the handling of informing consumer’s purchasing decisions. Oral arguments […]

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“Nighttime Shutdown” To Cut Off Korean Gamers

The Ministry Of Culture, Sports, And Tourism of South Korea has implemented a new set of laws, which will undoubtedly affects gamers of the country, CNN Go reports (The original article by The Korea Herald appears to be down). With a new “slowdown” technology decreasing the speed of long-connected gamers coupled with a six-hour block of […]

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