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Darksiders II Meet The Team: Marvin Donald

THQSledgehammer (Mathew Everett) Darksiders II Community Manager was able to catch up with Darksiders II Game Director, Marvin Donald and ask him a few questions about his career as well as his favorite character from Darksiders II. First here is the introduction provided by THQSledgehammer: Welcome to the first of many “Meet the Team” pieces […]

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Darksiders II Novel, Forums And Sweepstakes Announcement

We have a lot of information for the Darksider II fans out there. First up we have some information about the upcoming novel The Abomination Vault that is set to launch the same time as the much anticipated game is. Here is a little more about The Abomination Vault. In DARKSIDERS: THE ABOMINATION VAULT, the […]

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse: $100 For Preorders At Best Buy

Holy frijoles! I came across this epic deal browsing around the Best Buy Community forums: Receive a $100 Reward Zone Certificate when Gamers Club members preorder and purchase any 5 games. If you’re unfamiliar with the Reward Zone Gamers Club, let me explain. The Gamers Club is free to join and linked to your Best […]

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FINAL SAY: How ‘Mass Effect’ Saves Will Import into ‘Mass Effect 2’

Earlier today, I tweeted Jesse ‘GTez’ Houston (@gtez on Twitter), a senior producer at EA BioWare, about how completed games/careers from Mass Effect would be imported into Mass Effect 2. He quickly responded with a link to the following thread post from the Mass Effect Community Forums at BioWare (post found here): Below is the […]

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