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Retake Mass Effect 3 Campaign Reaches $70K

  At the start of the month the much-anticipated Mass Effect 3 hit the stores worldwide. Not long after people went online in droves to voice their complaints about the ending(s) In case you are still playing I won’t go into details about the endings or the various complaints that have been raised so feel free […]

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UFC 3: Can Online Stay Consistent?

With the third installment of the UFC titles hitting the shelves last week, UFC 3 staggered out of the gate with online problems ranging from server outages, disconnects, severe lag and other issues which have left fans feeling uneasy.  THQ has gone on record saying that they are working on implementing improvements and potential solutions. […]

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Atlus Aware Of The King Of Fighters XIII’s Divisive Online Mode

Various The King of Fighters XIII players who tried out the online play spoke out their various experiences with its performance and publisher Atlus responded to this reception. After a week since its release, The King of Fighters XIII was met with good reception with some exceptions of the online mode from both review sites […]

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Deus Ex: Human Revelation Boss Fights Were Outsourced

Deus Ex: Human Revelation was a good game with high scores across the board.  However the common consensus amongst players and reviewers alike was that the boss fights seemed out of place compared to the rest of the game. It has now been revealed why. The boss fights were developed by Grip Entertainment another developer […]

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