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Episode 117: The Goodbye Hello Show

It’s an end and a beginning. An alpha and an omega.
It’s the final show for Cooper Hawkes, but the first show after we’ve announced a new website.
So it’s a celebration and a sad goodbye. It’s also a really, really good show. Edie Sellers and Holy Goalie are joined by Hawkes one last time to talk […]

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An End and a Beginning

It seems like such a simple week. Kinda slow. Right before a big holiday weekend (at least in The States).
Oh, but you are wrong. Much has been afoot for GameHounds. And there’s a lot of news to tell, both good and bad.
Let’s start with the bad — that way we can end on a high […]

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Episode 115: The E3 2010 Wrap-Up Show, Pt. 1

Part one?! What the hell?!
Yep. This week, Edie Sellers, Holy Goalie and Cooper Hawkes delve deep into the E3 press offerings from Sony and Microsoft… and then they run out of time. So the rest of the wrap up will have to wait until next week.
Don’t worry, you’ll get all the details. Patience is its […]

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Episode 113: I Heart Keytar

You know what’s wrong with enough podcast? Not enough boobs.
We rectify that shortage this week as Cooper Hawkes takes a week off. In his place, Leah from Some Other Podcast comes by to visit and talk about what’s important to her… boobs, main. And games. Yeah, games. Lots of games.
In addition to chatting about boobs, […]

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Episode 112: It’s Cougar Time

Now, really, who doesn’t want a cougar? Especially if you’re playing Red Dead Redemption?
This week, we chat about Rockstar’s new Wild West–themed game, as well as Alan Wake (sort of) and a revisit to Oblivion.
In addition, Cooper Hawkes, Holy Goalie and Edie Sellers review the week’s news, including:

Lionhead Studio confirms that Fable 3 is coming […]

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