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A Look At The Upcoming Ace Attorney Live Action Film

New content of the Japanese live action film of Capcom’s Ace Attorney series has now been revealed. The first official production screenshot is now available to see, and trailer footage can be seen in a Japanese TV variety show. Directed by the controversial Takashi Miike, Gyakuten Saiban (Japanese title of Ace Attorney) will follow the […]

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Interplay Going At Bethesda Over Fallout MMO

While it started with the major discrepancy in 2009 of who actually holds rights to the Fallout franchise, and who doesn’t, after the $5.75 million sale to Bethesda back in 2007, it has quickly declined into ostensibly petty courtroom drama, the latest of which includes a June 23rd court filing of Interplay stating that Bethesda […]

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