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Finding Yourself

Most days, I merely hope to impart some lingering question on whoever these words may fall upon. Even if that question is how best to troll me, it feels good to know I at least somehow affected your day without being a giant asshat or raging philanthropist (I win! So take that, trolls!). I mean, […]

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Skullgirls Creators Hope To Implement PS3 & PC Cross-Platform Multiplayer Soon

The creators of the indie fighting game Skullgirls recently took fan questions from Twitter, and let out a bit of upcoming news that could have fans of the game excited. One intrepid Twitterer asked the creators if the Skullgirls for PC would be a Game for Windows Live (GFWL) title, and the official Skullgirls twitter account teasingly replied, […]

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Square Enix Sale At Hobby Link Japan

Square-Enix game are highly marketable. In the States, you can find a good selection of toys and stuff if you really look around, but Japan is overflowing with products. The creators of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest have definitely filled shelves with toys and plushes, and Hobby Link Japan might have a little too much. […]

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