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OnLive Service Offering Free Games Over Halloween Weekend

The OnLive service is one of the most innovative ideas to come into the gaming space in quite some time. It is the perfect solution for many of the problems that are inherent to the PC games genre. To get around the high price tag and compatibility problems, OnLive streams video from the data centers so that they’re doing most of […]

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2011 IGF Audience Award Open For Voting

The IGF—or Independent Games Festival—has opened voting once again to the general populace to find out what the non-judges of the gaming world think is the best independent game of the year. However, things will be slightly different, something you may be able to surmise if you’ve voted before. In years past, the Audience Award […]

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Hands On

The death knell for PC gaming has been sounding for a while now, but it’s still a fertile ground for interesting and unusual titles. Horror fans seem to be doing pretty well out of the arrangement, with titles like Cryostasis, Necrovision, and Penumbra offering platform-exclusive scares. The latest is Amnesia: The Dark Descent, from Penumbra […]

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