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The Unfinished Swan’s Unfinished Thought

Along with Journey from thatgamecompany, The Unfinished Swan is probably the most affecting game I’ve played this year. Hell, maybe ever. It joins a very small group of games that I could just write about forever and ever (the others include—among others you can probably guess—Dark Souls, Red Dead Redemption, Deus Ex, and the aforementioned […]

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The Hand-Tuned Machine

Heavy systems-based games are always interesting because they provide the most dynamic character and environment interactions. Games that rely on physics, for example, will always be a new experience because the gravity and friction systems will cause things to react differently upon each playthrough, something you’re likely to experience when you play something like Half-Life […]

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Critical Strike 97: Stabbers Wrath

Yup, we’re back to destroy your holiday week with nothing more than terrible jokes mixed in with some random video game talk! Here is what we discussed:Dragon’s Dogma, Asura’s Wrath, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Skyrim: Dawnguard, Mass Effect 3′s new ending and of course…. book talk? Music in this […]

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