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The Doom Reveal At QuakeCon 2014

“This brave new world is going to hell.” Marty Stratton, executive producer on Id Software’s upcoming Doom, apparently has a thing for understatement. Or perhaps literality, given the premise of the game. Either way, the troubled project formerly known as Doom 4 has found new life as a Bethesda-published product and made its big re-debut […]

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A Lament For The Lost

Video games are moving towards their natural habitat. That is, they are becoming increasingly digital. They are, of course, already digital in the sense that all they really are is compiled code, bits of zeros and ones stamped onto a disc that exist to be read out and interpreted by a machine for your pleasure. […]

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Blame the Games: The Human Reaction To Gaming

Over the last few decades, the mainstream American press has blamed gaming for several violent acts that have occurred in the real world. From the Columbine shooters playing Doom to Ander Breivik playing Modern Warfare 2, violent titles have always been accompanied by ridiculous accusations and attemptive escape from true justice. Since the expansion of the arcade scene […]

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