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Broken Age’s Broken Promise

As you might recall, last year was kind of the Year of Kickstarter. Everywhere you looked, it seemed like another project was breaking funding records and more and more people were talking about the entire endeavor in a much more positive light. At the time, a lot of the weight could be placed on the […]

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Double Fine Eyeballing THQ Bankruptcy Auction

Just a really quick tidbit here: Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions has apparently been showing interest in the impending THQ asset auction. According to a Distressed Debt Investing tweet, the San Francisco-based studio “asked for bankruptcy filings” on the case. So what does that mean? Well, not much. Well, not much…yet. THQ is still looking […]

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The Year In Review: Kickstarter

It’s December now and the entire industry is closed for business. Well, mostly. With Far Cry 3 having released this past Tuesday and Hawken out on the 12th, things are mostly done. Spike’s annual display is gaudiness and its severe misunderstanding in how to handle live gaming-centric showcases is set to explode all over your […]

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