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Bandai Entertainment Closing Distribution In North America

Years ago, Bandai and Namco merged their businesses into Namco Bandai Holdings. Gamers see this result in Namco Bandai Games. That label has released multiple anime-related games such as .hack//, the Naruto and Dragonball games, while Bandai and Koei have released the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games, the latest titles based off of their franchises. To […]

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U.S. Launch Titles For PlayStation Vita Announced

Here’s a Christmas gift for all those eagerly awaiting Sony’s next-gen portable system. The PlayStation Vita is still on schedule to arrive in the states on February 22nd, but until now we hadn’t gotten any confirmation on the U.S. launch line-up for the system. Sony has officially confirmed that their new portable will release alongside […]

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Dynasty Warriors Next Will Be Part Of PlayStation Vita’s Launch Lineup

The Dynasty Warrior series from Tecmo Koei has been a staple of the PlayStation brand for over a decade now.  With the release of the new PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system about a week away,Techmo Koei has announced that their new Dynasty Warriors Next portable title will be released on February 22nd, 2012. The Dynasty […]

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Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends – New Screenshots And Trailer

Dynasty Warriors 7 fans, get ready.  Extreme Legends, a stand-alone expansion, is on its way.  From the just released screenshots and gameplay trailer, we can see one of the new playable characters, Wang-Yi.  Also in this expansion: new game modes, event endings for the characters, the Residence Castle, and a new weapon.  The bad news is, […]

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