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DodoGo! Challenge Review (DSiWare)

Game Review: DodoGo! Challenge Release: 12/27/2010 Genre: Puzzle Developer: Neko Entertainment Available Platforms: Nintendo DSi Players: 1 MSRP: 500 Nintendo Points ESRB Rating: E Website: Millions of years ago, the dodo bird lived alongside dinosaurs. Today, the dodo bird is extinct. It might be the players of DodoGo! Challenge that caused the extinction, since […]

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Angry Birds Coming To PS3, PSP & DS

In an interview in The Sun tabloid newspaper in the UK, Joe Wee, co-founder of Angry Birds developer Rovio, said the popular iPhone game is coming to PS3, PSP and Nintendo DS. “When it was released last December Angry Birds made a slow start but as word got round, everyone’s gone crazy for it. We are also releasing it on Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and PS3.”

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