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Square Enix to release its First Iphone game

There is a small possibility you have played this game called Crystal Guardians. There is also a small possibility you have played a game called Tower Defense. So let me explain to you these wonderful games. Tower Defense games are pretty fun. I started playing them in Warcraft 3. The objective of a tower defense […]

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Married Gamers Hands-On: Lord of the Rings: Conquest Campaign

by Chris "Lefty" Brown
This week, the Married Gamers will be bringing exclusive coverage of the forthcoming EA/Pandemic video game, Lord of the Rings: Conquest.  Today we dive into the campaign experience.  Be sure to join the Married Gamers the rest of the week for exclusive looks into the multi-player, audio from a developer panel, and [...]

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Fable 2 Review

Fable 2 is a game about a hero who makes choices good or evil that effect your character and the entire world. Fable 2′s main quest takes about 12 hours to complete, but it also offers plenty of side quests, and other fun things to do. Fable 2 does make some references to the original game but it is […]

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