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Return To The Era Of Sega Ages

Alex Kidd was Sonic before Sonic was around. Shinobi sliced bad guys apart, and destroyed gamers as well. Players used to have to Hang-On to physical bikes at the arcade. Wonder Boy was the original parody game franchise. Sega may not be doing too much with these franchises nowadays, but they see the value in […]

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Zero Legends To Join Megaman Legends… In Plastic

Megaman Legends 3 is nothing but scrapped code at this point. The death of that project doesn’t stop people from creating their own Legends. Toy customizer “Jin Saotome” created a version of Megaman in the Marvel Legends style (not of the more fitting Megaman Legends style), if only to tease people, as there’s only one of this […]

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Cave Story+ Gains Some Steam

It’s one of the most noted indie titles of all time. It’s gone from home-grown project to Nintendo 3DS, DSiWare, and WiiWare. It’s simple yet addicting, and one of the biggest homages to the 8-bit era. It’s Cave Story, and now it’s available on Steam. Nicalis and Studio Pixel have added a few extras to […]

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