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Character vs. Character: Ashe Corven vs. Jack Skellington

Two cult classic characters battle to the death. But wait, they are both already dead. How do you kill the undead? Patience! All will be revealed in this battle of Ashe Corven versus Jack Skellington. Ashe After Ashe and his son Danny witness a murder committed by Judah’s gang, the gang kills the both of […]

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Character vs. Character: Viewtiful Joe vs. Crash Bandicoot

On this week’s installment of Character versus Character, we are bringing back some childhood favorites. The too cool Viewtiful Joe and the vengeful Crash Bandicoot are engaging in an all out battle for the ages…and their lost loves.   Joe Joe is a movie lover with an unusual adoration for his idol, Captain Blue. He […]

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Epic Games + EA = Bulletstorm

Earlier last month, Bulletstorm was unveiled to the public. It is being created by People Can Fly, an Epic Games studio, and will be published by Electronic Arts Inc. This first-person shooter is scheduled for release in 2011. So … what is Bulletstorm, exactly? It’s set in a futuristic confederation protected by an elite band […]

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