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Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) TQ Review

Metal Gear Solid 4 not only makes owning a PS3 a glorious thing, but it will make you propose to your PS3 without alcohol or demented Vegas influences. All love baby!
Controls:Top Notch, third person controls with precise aim and movement. Satisfying shooting feels very realistic. The most precise Dual Shock 3 vibrations ever experienced.
Graphics: Stunning! […]

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XBL Radio Movie Review- “Babylon A.D.”

You ever come across a movie that when you are watching it, you just say “What the **** am i watching, this makes no sense at all”. This is the exact reaction that i had when i was watching Babylon A.D..
Here is the story in a nutshell. The story takes place in Europe in the […]

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