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Pinball HoF:The Williams Collection (Xbox 360) Review

by Chris Brown
In early 2008 Crave Entertainment released Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection on the Wii. The game was warmly received and won some deserving praise from various online media. It was a very good game that I bought several copies to give to friends as gifts. This year at E3 2009, […]

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Zen Pinball Review and Giveaway

Game Review: Zen Pinball Release: May, 14th, 2009 Genre: Pinball Developer: Zen Studios Available Platforms: PlayStation 3 Players: 1-4 MSRP: $9.99 ESRB Rating: E Website: Zen Pinball is Zen Studio’s first PSN game and also PSN’s first Pinball game and what a good way to start off. Some people might be wondering if this […]

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F.E.A.R. 2 DLC Available Now

It’s out. It’s awesome. And best of all, it’s FREE! This might be one of the best promo videos ever, this or the Battlefield: Bad Company Snake Eyes trailer. FullTilt: Battle inside a retro 1970’s era pinball machine, “Snake Fist” style! Flippers, targets, spinners and pop-bumpers provide cover for the fast paced action. Multi-level playfield […]

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