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“Zzzzz” is for Zombie

Let me be the first to say that I love zombies. They’re so much fun to kill in video games, and they are so much fun to watch in movies.
But the other day I was cruising through my Netflix queue and I found that I had about six or seven B zombie movies. I started […]

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Uncharted 2 to Link With Twitter

The screen shown above, taken from Uncharted 2 shows that the game will feature integration with twitter. This feature will allow the game to automatically update the player’s twitter account as they progress through the game and perform certain tasks within the gam, such as: When connecting to multiplayer When a cinema file is uploaded […]

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Gears War 2 Map Pack

Talk about no hype leading up to the announcement for the new Gears of War 2 Combustible map pack, there was some leaked information that it was a map pack, but no further information was available except that the maps where set to release at midnight (PST) and you could see for yourself on Spikes […]

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