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A Demon’s Souls Guide For Newbies

Why this exists: If you listen to the show you are aware that I recently took another crack at Demon’s Souls after giving up around the 15 hour mark when the game initially came out.  A huge reason that I am enjoying it more is that I am successfully making my way through the game […]

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PSNerds Episode 61: STEAMing Mad

Hi there.  My name is Pete Dodd, I am one half of the PSNerds podcast.  I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with some really interesting stuff to try to sell you on our podcast and what I’ve come away with is the fact that we really …

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The Death Of Used Games

Anyone familiar with gaming is familiar with the methods of acquiring games today, but to get people up to speed on how it used to be done, indulge me a moment.  It’s 2 decades ago; you enter a game store and scan aisle after aisle of empty game boxes trying to determine whether a certain […]

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Arkham Asylum Continues To Harbor Secrets

It has been nearly a year since Batman: Arkham Asylum showed up in homes across the country and around the world. And, being one of the better games released last year — some would call it the best — numerous people have probably played it front to back and back to front, earning the full […]

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