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The Year In Review: Kickstarter

It’s December now and the entire industry is closed for business. Well, mostly. With Far Cry 3 having released this past Tuesday and Hawken out on the 12th, things are mostly done. Spike’s annual display is gaudiness and its severe misunderstanding in how to handle live gaming-centric showcases is set to explode all over your […]

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A Simple Question: Final Results And Farewell

The final votes have been tallied, and you all have spoken.  After 3 grueling rounds that saw impressive titles fall by the wayside, we have a champion to crown in the 2012 Fall Game Release Showdown.  Anyone that was following the voting might have seen this coming, because it wasn’t close at any point, but […]

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Bethesda Launches Multimedia Blitz For Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I can’t lie, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is one of my most anticipated games for the 2011 Holiday Season. I look at it as a breath of fresh air in a season that will be littered with a batch of high-octane shooters. Bethesda has recently released a multimedia blitz that includes an all new Bethesda Podcast featuring […]

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Confessions 2011: Domo Arigato (1/25-2/10)

I finished P3P.  In three weeks.  Yeah, I know.  This is what unemployment can do to you, folks.  Since I went into such excruciating detail about it last time, I won’t subject you to that again; all I’ll say is that some of the social links get pretty weird towards the end if you choose […]

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